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Homeschool Overview of Visual Arts at Palmetto Art Center
  Experience Clay + Drawing +
Mixed Media : Art meets Science

Creative expression. Self-confidence. And social, hands-on learning with fun-loving and expertly qualified teachers in a fresh and welcoming space. 
Experience Clay | Tuesdays | Ages 8 - up :: 11:00AM - 12:45PM
Open Studio | Tuesdays | Ages 8 - up :: 11Am - 3PM | $5/hr

Drawing for the Adventurous Artist | Thursdays | Ages 12 and up :: Noon - 2PM thru 4/27
Mixed Media Art | 2nd & 4th WednesdayAges 4 - 12 :: 12:30AM- 2:00PM

Experience Clay | Tuesdays |  11AM - 12:45PM | $20 per student thru May 23rd
This semester we offer your students an opportunity to improve and perfect their skills with clay. Hand-building
pottery involves the techniques of pinch, slab, and coil as well as additive and subtractive sculpting. Wheel-throwing
pottery requires understanding the process of centering, opening, throwing and trimming. All of these processes
benefit from an understanding of the fine art elements of form and composition. Various fun projects will lead the
student through finishing processes such as texturing, stamping, image transfer, underglazing and glazing, and the
technical properties of clay. To increase student confidence, we’ll have discussions about how to assess and improve
the success and value of the work, placing it in a larger art context.  Examples of professional potters and sculptors will
be shared and evaluated. We will also emphasize the importance of studio and tool maintenance.  Our goal is to
create finished pieces, the best of which will be featured in the Student Show at the end of May.

Vocabulary: Template, armature, slip and score (scratch/attach), clay body, bone-dry, greenware, leather hard,
bisque, kiln firing, molds, plasticity, shrinkage grog, wedging, aesthetics, fine art elements, critique, engobe, slip,
maturing point, pyrometric cones, sgraffito, slip trailing, sprigging, extrusion.

Projects: Most projects will include safety practices, active listening, respect for one’s own and others’ projects,
and an element of drawing as a way of making ideas visual before starting to sculpt. These projects include:
wall-pockets, double-pinch pot forms (animal of choice), bowls, baskets and pitchers, tiny houses, masks, ceramic 
food a la Wayne Thiebaud, stamps and printing, relief tiles, wind chimes and bells, armature heads and figures,
molding and making molds, multi-tile designs, fantastic flowers and plants, bottle/vase/pot forms, lidded boxes,
animal lanterns, beads, and a unit on the pottery wheel.

Drawing for the Adventurous Artist
Thursdays |  Noon - 2PM | $20 per student | thru April 27th
Do you know a young artist who is passionate about art and eager to improve his/her skills? During PAC’s
Thursday Open Studio, we will be offering a drawing class for the mature student who is excited about bringing their
drawing and painting skills to a new level. Fun, go-at-your-own-pace projects will be based on classical techniques
 from middle/high school and even college level art instruction. These include developing skills in the sensory elements:
line, shape, value, color and texture. The formal elements of composition such as symmetry, movement, focal point and rhythm will be central as well. According to the commitment level of the student, we will also explore experimental and “accidental” art processes. The thought-processes of aesthetics and creativity will be a weekly part of our adventure.
The goal is to gain confidence in finishing artwork that may be selected for the Student Art Show at the end of May.
Because this class runs at the same time as the studio for adult artists, we ask that the students understand that this
will be less about play and social interaction than about “getting into the creative zone.” Please contact Gretchen if you
have any questions about whether this class would be right for your child

Mixed Media Art | 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month with Ms. Gretchen
 Each class begins with a slide show or group chat with visuals.
Move to the art tables and create, communicate, meet new friends and let the mind melt into the
medium of the day. This semester we will explore natural clay, plaster of Paris, wire art, acrylics, water color and more.
Class meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. 
Ages 4 - 12 :: 12:30 - 2:00PM | $15 (please note there is an additional $5 fee when using clay)
We would like six students to keep classes going into the spring.

April 12th: Henry Moore : abstract sculpture + negative & positive space
April 26th: Batik and the art history of dyeing fabric
++RSVP or For More Information++ 
Please contact Gretchen (941) 518 - 2109 or email: Gretchen@PalmettoArtCenter.com 
Share: Please share this email with other homeschool families in your community. 
 Thank you. Gretchen & Wendy 


PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Wendy Marble: Artist's Bio
Wendy Marble was a self-taught graphic designer and calligrapher for decades until graduating with a
degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2008.
She enjoys working in, and especially combining, many media to satisfy whatever the  
visual concept requires. Her specialty is in fine art printmaking, an art form that combines drawing and painting
skills with intensive, exacting chemical and printmaking, an art form that combines drawing and painting skills with 
intensive, exacting machine process. Living in various countries overseas for fourteen years,  
dwelling near or visiting the great art and architecture centers of Europe and the Middle East, nourished
Wendy's passion for art history. She expanded her graphic art skills into illustration, theater design,
and worship arts. Upon returning to Florida she served as a docent at the John and Mable Ringling Museum
 for seven years. She also taught workshops and designed worship visuals for regional and national conferences
 of the Methodist Church. Another interest is in mural painting in schools both overseas and in Manatee County,
and she is currently creating an ongoing mural on the Methodist Church Thrift Shop in Palmetto.
However, her heart is dedicated to the students and artists of all ages who find their way to the PAC.

PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Gretchen Lecelzio: Artist's Bio 
Gretchen Leclezio, owner of the PAC, has been playing with clay for the last 10 years. Gretchen studied and taught
decorative glazing and hand-building classes in Cape Town, South Africa. Gretchen has her teaching certification with a
specialization in learning disabilities. Gretchen's passion for art, education, her family and community have been the
inspiration for starting PAC. 

"To evoke in oneself a feeling one has experienced…then by means of movement, line, color, sounds or forms expressed in words, so to transmit that feeling that others experience the same…this is the activity of art.”
                                                                                  –Leo Tolstoy