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Palmetto Art Center
Homeschool Art Classes & Art After School

Creative expression. Self-confidence. And social, hands-on learning with fun-loving and expertly qualified teachers in a fresh and welcoming space. 
Elementary & Middle School (1:00-2:30PM)
Please note: children under the age of 8 need to be accompanied by a grown up.
Students will learn techniques of clay and other sculptural mediums to develop and complete projects based on the artistic themes of the Middle Ages. These projects will be created during the weekly lesson and glazed or painted during class time, if time allows, or following class days set aside for that purpose. The class covers the use and care of tools and materials, safety procedures, critical-thinking skills in concept development, and the practices of perseverance, problem-solving and quality assessment. First class, August 22nd. Class fee $20, includes all materials (clay, glazes and firing costs).

High School: Working with 2- and 3-Dimensional Design (10:45AM -12:15PM)
*PLEASE NOTE: New Class Time Begins October 3rd | 11:00AM - 12:30PM
Even if you don’t plan on graduating and attending a higher-education program in the arts, many things about artmaking can help you be a better student and worker as well as a more well-rounded person able to function in a global world. The essential tool in art is SEEING; we can learn a new way. Important tools for communicating ideas include DRAWING and SCULPTING. The principles of DESIGN are woven into nearly every natural and man-made object we encounter. Learn these art skills and concepts and give yourself an edge in imagining the future. First class, August 22nd.
Class size limited to 10 students. Class fee $20, includes all materials.

Unit 1: Why Artists Make Stuff: Creativity, Aesthetics and the History of Art—What is an artist? What does it mean to communicate through art? How have artists responded to their world in previous eras? (2D project)

Unit 2: The Main Ingredients: Line, Shape, Value, Texture and Color—These “sensory elements” are the essential tools for making art. The classes will employ quick and classical exercises to create a foundational “tool kit.” (2D project)

Unit 3: More About Color: Hue, Spectrum, Intensity, Pigments—Class will cover the science and psychology of color and some basic color-mixing skills. (2D project)

Unit 4: Making a Picture: The Principles of Design—The “formal” or structural elements of art teach how sensory
elements are arranged to create an artwork. (2 or 3D project)

Unit 5: Applying Design to Dimension: Perspective—lessons are based on various ways artists create space and depth
with mathematical and aerial perspective. (2 or 3D project)

Unit 6: Applying Design to Dimension: Form and Mass in Space—Class projects will demonstrate negative and positive space, scale and proportion to create mood. (3D project)

Unit 7: Beyond Western Civ: non-Western cultural contributions—Lessons will explore significant artistic contributions
from the Far East, Africa and the Americas. How do they compare with what we’ve learned so far? (2 and 3D projects)

Unit 8: Making It Personal: The Sketch Journal—How does the student interpret their world? Learn to keep a journal that doesn’t rely on words to capture what’s important around and in us.

Unit 9: Careers in Art and Design…Or Not: How Art Helps You with Everything Else—Class projects will include portfolio
and resumé development, personality profiling and careers, and what art does for your creative process, analytical-thinking, problem-solving and perseverance skills which are necessary for any future career.

Art After School
Elementary School: 4:00 - 5:00PM
Middle + High School: 5:00 - 6:30PM
  Mondays beginning August 21st
For the student who is serious about learning to draw, paint and sculpt, we offer semi-private
lessons in the basic fundamentals of art and design. Projects are based on both classic and contemporary techniques to improve creative skills and higher-order thinking and problem-solving. This is also a great opportunity to perfect a portfolio for college, internships and future careers.
Also included: the pleasure of making things that are personal, beautiful, or just plain fun. Please contact Wendy to see if you child would be a good fit for this program. First class, August 21st. Class size is limited to four students. $25, all materials included.

Open Studio | 10:45AM - 12:15PM
Tuesdays beginning August 22nd
Also available during these hours is an Open Studio session designed for Independent Study projects. The student brings in a concept, project or assignment and we provide the workspace, equipment and troubleshooting expertise. Materials are available for small fees. This time is ideal for students who want to be in a creative atmosphere to improve their skills but not to participate in the class that will be going on at the same time. First class, August 22nd. $10 per session. Materials not included. Available for purchase: canvases, paints, clay, glazes & sketching supplies.

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Please contact Gretchen (941) 518 - 2109 or via email.
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 Thank you. Gretchen & Wendy 


PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Wendy Marble: Artist's Bio
Wendy Marble was a self-taught graphic designer and calligrapher for decades until graduating with a
degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2008.
She enjoys working in, and especially combining, many media to satisfy whatever the  
visual concept requires. Her specialty is in fine art printmaking, an art form that combines drawing and painting
skills with intensive, exacting machine process. Living in various countries overseas for fourteen years,
dwelling near or visiting the great art and architecture centers of Europe and the Middle East, nourished
Wendy's passion for art history. She expanded her graphic art skills into illustration, theater design,
and worship arts. Upon returning to Florida she served as a docent at the John and Mable Ringling Museum
 for seven years. She also taught workshops and designed worship visuals for regional and national conferences
 of the Methodist Church. Another interest is in mural painting in schools both overseas and in Manatee County,
and she is currently creating an ongoing mural on the Methodist Church Thrift Shop in Palmetto.
However, her heart is dedicated to the students and artists of all ages who find their way to the PAC.

PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Gretchen Lecelzio: Artist's Bio 
Gretchen Leclezio, owner of the PAC, has been playing with clay for the last 10 years. Gretchen studied and taught
decorative glazing and hand-building classes in Cape Town, South Africa. Gretchen has her teaching certification with a
specialization in learning disabilities. Gretchen's passion for art, education, her family and community have been the
inspiration for starting PAC. 

"To evoke in oneself a feeling one has experienced…then by means of movement, line, color, sounds or forms expressed in words, so to transmit that feeling that others experience the same…this is the activity of art.”
                                                                                  –Leo Tolstoy