Homeschool Art Classes + Art After School

Clay Open Studio with Ms Gretchen Tuesdays | 1:00 - 2:30PM | $10 + $3

This semester we offer your students an opportunity to improve and perfect their skills with clay. Hand-building pottery involves the techniques of pinch, slab, and coil as well as additive and subtractive sculpting. Various fun projects will lead the student through finishing details such as texturing, stamping,
image transfer, underglazing and glazing, and the technical properties of clay.  Examples of professional artists will be shared and evaluated as we learn to assess and improve  our own work. We will also emphasize the importance of studio and tool  maintenance. Our goal is to create finished pieces and have fun! All ages welcome as long as there is an adult helper for ages 7 and younger, thank you.

Open Studio Clay Class Descriptions
Sept. 11th 3D Clay Review: Explanation of and hands-on experience with clay and techniques
Sept. 18th Clay: mandala design in molded bowl or plate
Sept. 25th Clay: Abstract design in coil work: cylinder, bowl or tile
Oct. 2nd Clay: Color Wheel Sculpture: sunface, flower, nature motifs (student choice)
Oct. 9th Colonial days and their crafts. We will talk about the  life of a colonial children and learn about the craft of candle making.  Pumpkin shaped candle holders will be made.
Oct. 16th Sculpting animals - learn how to make paper armature while sculpting in clay.
Oct. 23rd Thanksgiving Napkin Holders : learn slab work, joining + decorative texture
Oct. 30th  Negative + Positive space. Henry Moore slide show and clay sculptures.
Nov. 6th Sculpting the human face - learn how to draw
face proportions and then transfer onto clay slab.
Nov. 13th Florida's First People: How did they discover clay? Color pigment, inspirations from nature, firing techniques. Create coil bowl with no tools.
Nov. 20th No classes during Thanksgiving week
Nov. 27th Clay: Accidental textures for beach-themed sculpting
Dec. 4th Clay: Bird-themed sculptures in air-dryed clay
Dec. 11th Land Art In the Park: collaborative collages with
natural materials (picnic lunches encouraged!)

Art After School | Semiprivate Art Lessons + Independent Study/Building A Portfoli
Mondays | 5:00 - 6:30PM | $25 with Wendy Marble
For the student who is serious about learning to draw, paint and sculpt, we offer semiprivate lessons in the basic fundamentals of art and design. Projects are based on both classic and contemporary techniques to improve creative skills and higher-order thinking and problem-solving. This is also a great opportunity to create a working sketchbook and/or perfect a portfolio for high school, college, internships and future careers. We’ll be looking at the principles of presenting and documenting artwork that go beyond squinting  at one’s cell phone. Also included: the pleasure of making things that  are personal, beautiful, or just plain fun. “Independent Study” or  individual project guidance is available; a brief  conference with student and parents and “mission statement” commitment  pledge is suggested. Please contact Wendy to see if your child would be a  good fit for this program.

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PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Wendy Marble: Artist's Bio
Wendy Marble was a self-taught graphic designer and calligrapher for decades until graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2008.
She enjoys working in, and especially combining, many media to satisfy whatever the  
visual concept requires. Her specialty is in fine art printmaking, an art form that combines drawing and painting  skills with intensive, exacting machine process. Living in various countries overseas for fourteen years, dwelling near or visiting the great art and architecture centers of Europe and the Middle East, nourished
Wendy's passion for art history. However, her heart is dedicated to the students and artists of all ages who find their way to the PAC.

  •  PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Gretchen Lecelzio: Artist's Bio 
    Gretchen  Leclezio, owner of the PAC, has been playing with clay for the last 10 years. Gretchen studied and taught decorative glazing and hand-building classes in Cape Town, South Africa. Gretchen has her teaching certification with a specialization in learning disabilities. Gretchen's passion for art, education, her family and community have been the
    inspiration for starting