Homeschool Art Classes + Art After School

MONDAYS 3:00 - 4:30PM & Tuesdays 11:00 - 12:30PM $10 + $5 materials

The Palmetto Art Center (PAC) would like to invite home school families into PAC's creative space. Each class is stand-alone so join in anytime! All PAC 's classes focus on art elements, principles and FUN! Line, color, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance as well as art-history, creative self-expression and cultural appreciation will be bundled into each art lesson. Our goal is to learn and explore and have fun without getting distracted by technicalities. All ages are welcome as long as there is an adult helper for ages 7 and younger, thank you.

This fall we will feature projects based on the works of Ancient Civilizations to help us answer the question: where did art come from? For hundreds of years, art history and the humanities have focused on Western cultures, as if fine art started in ancient Greece. In fact, many cultures around the world gave us a strong art legacy long before Greece was born. Each lesson will include a brief historic introduction to a group or area and its art. This will serve as an inspiration for an exercise in problem-solving and exploring visual materials and techniques. Planning and designing projects all the way to their completion is a life-skill essential for the creative and analytical thinking that will be required of our kids as they grow.

Ancient Civilizations 2019: From Dirt Came Art! An emphasis on clay techniques

September 9th & 10th: Paleolithic: what did the first artists copy from their world? 

Stenciling animals with natural coloring on clay slabs 

September 16th & 17th: Florida’s First People: How did early humans use clay to enhance their lives? Coil and pinch-pot techniques

September 23rd & 24th: Egypt: The technique of clay boxes and sarcophagi

September 30th & October 1st: Greece: red/black pottery: sgraffito (scratching) decorative 

technique on wall pockets

October 7th & 8th: Persia and India: We’ll create patterns for a clay “temple”decorated with 

authentic woodblocks and inlay designs

October 14th & 15th: Rome: Learn architecture basics and build a 3D basilica model

October 21st & 22nd: Japan: With a nod to the art of  Gyotaku, make air-dry clay fish and then print

October 28th & 26th: Vikings and Celts: Drawing from beautiful symbols and patterns, let’s design and create our own papier-maché shields

November 4th & 5th: Gothic Cathedrals: Gothic architecture will inform our creation of 3D gargoyles

November 11th & 12th: Aboriginal Peoples: Pattern and paint our own “dreamtime art” with air-dry clay

This concludes the 10 week semester.


Any students ready to get on the pottery wheel? Two weeks of back to back lessons. Twelve spaces available. Payment in full secures your students spot. $40 for the two weeks.

Session 1: Mondays | November 18th + 25th ::  3:00 - 4:30M

Session 2:  Tuesdays| November 19th + 26th :: 11:00AM - 12:30PM

Get your hands into wheel throwing!  Classes will cover centering, pulling, trimming, use of tools and surface techniques. Campers should wear old clothes because work on the potter's wheel can get messy (wah-hoo!).  Day 1: Let's get centered. Before we begin to whirl around,  we will learn the history of the potter's wheel + learn to recognize when clay is centered. Students will have many opportunities to throw a bowl today. Day 2: Continue the journey on the wheel and learn how to trim the bottoms of our bowls. Students will throw many bowls and will choose which two they want to keep. Work will be glazed. Please remember that finished work will need to dry and then go through the firing process. Allow 10 days from the last day of camp for picking up work, thank you.  Please RSVP with Gretchen or in your next homeschool class.  Call/text (941) 518 - 2109

Art After School | Semiprivate Art Lessons + Independent Study/Building A Portfolio. 

Mondays | 5:00 - 6:30PM | $25 with Wendy Marble
For the student who is serious about learning to draw, paint and sculpt, we offer semiprivate lessons in the basic fundamentals of art and design. Projects are based on both classic and contemporary techniques to improve creative skills and higher-order thinking and problem-solving. This is also a great opportunity to create a working sketchbook and/or perfect a portfolio for high school, college, internships and future careers. We’ll be looking at the principles of presenting and documenting artwork that go beyond squinting  at one’s cell phone. Also included: the pleasure of making things that  are personal, beautiful, or just plain fun. “Independent Study” or  individual project guidance is available; a brief  conference with student and parents and “mission statement” commitment  pledge is suggested.

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Please contact Gretchen (941) 518 - 2109 or via email.
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Thank you. Gretchen & Wendy 

PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Wendy Marble: Artist's Bio
Wendy Marble was a self-taught graphic designer and calligrapher for decades until graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2008. She enjoys working in, and especially combining, many media to satisfy whatever the  visual concept requires. Her specialty is in fine art printmaking, an art form that combines drawing and painting  skills with intensive, exacting machine process. Living in various countries overseas for fourteen years, dwelling near or visiting the great art and architecture centers of Europe and the Middle East, nourished Wendy's passion for art history. However, her heart is dedicated to the students and artists of all ages who find their way to the PAC.

PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Gretchen Leclezio: Artist's Bio 
Gretchen  Leclezio, owner of the PAC, has been playing with clay for the last 10 years. Gretchen studied and taught decorative glazing and hand-building classes in Cape Town, South Africa. Gretchen has her teaching certification with a specialization in learning disabilities. Gretchen's passion for art, education, her family and community have been the inspiration for starting the Palmetto Art Center.