Homeschool Art Classes + Art After School

MONDAYS 3:00 - 4:30PM :: $10 + $3 supplies

The Palmetto Art Center (PAC) would like to invite home school families into PAC's creative space every Mondays from 3:00 - 4:30PM. Each class is stand-alone so join in anytime!

All PAC 's classes focus on art elements, principles and FUN! Line, color, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance as well as art-history, creative self-expression and cultural appreciation will be bundled into each art lesson. Our goal is to learn and explore and have fun without getting distracted by technicalities.

All ages are welcome as long as there is an adult helper for ages 7 and younger, thank you.

January  Plunge into Painting: Fanciful Fish

 Learn the steps for making an  acrylic painting using basic primary and secondary colors. We’ll start  with an easy fish tracing and end up with a colorful fish on canvas  that’s different from everyone else’s

January 14  Make it POP: Plaster Casting

We  will learn about POP artist George Segal through a slide show of his  work and his technique which made him famous, plaster casting. We will  learn how to use plaster and cast our hands and paint them in a POP art  fashion!

January 21  Introduction to Watercolors
Although watercolor painting is many centuries old, its application as we know it today is fairly recent. We  will view a slideshow and talk about Winslow Homer and other artists,  delve into watercolor techniques and create our own watercolor painting.

January 28 Air Dry Clay Coil Heart
Come  put your paws in air dry clay and create one of a kind coil heart. They are a  favorite and the hearts are worthy of displaying or giving.  

February 4 Heart Painting
Learn about color theory and abstract expressionism, then experiment with wild brush strokes on canvas..

February 11  Clay Slab Box  
Learn about natural clay. Where does it come?  Learn rolling and slab building and make a clay box for our special treasures.

February 18  Printmaking
Printmaking  is one of the oldest forms of image-making, and involves the  transferral of an inked image from one surface or matrix to another.  Let’s use natural materials to create beautiful colored prints on  handmade papers. We can take them home as is or make vertical collage  banners for display.

February 25 Suminagashi
Suminagashi,  which translates as “floating ink,” is the ancient meditative Japanese  practice of gently floating pigments on the surface of water with a  brush and then capturing the mono-print image on an absorbent paper.  Each print is unique and can be drawn or painted over for breathtaking  art images.


March 4 Larger than Life:  sculptures from clay.

Learn about POP artist Claes Oldenburg through a  slide show and see his sculptures, which are larger than life in cities  around the world. We will choose an everyday object from home and make  it larger than life by sculpting from clay! Sculpture will be completed  and glazed in this lesson. Fired work will be ready for collection one  week later.

March 11 Gyotaku :: Japanese Fish Printing
Japanese  fishermen found a unique way to document their fish catches. Come learn  about Japan and their creative process of fish prints. We will use  rubber fish created to experience this craft and keep the lives ones in  the water. We will print on paper, but feel free to bring a shirt if you  wish to use our fabric paints for your own fabric catch!

March 18 Pointillism: What's the Point?
Learn  about the artist Seurat and a system he developed for painting that was  both creative and scientific. A slide show will present his most famous  works and explain the style that made him a master. You just might  become completely dotty for this technique after our lesson with paints  and canvas.

March 25 Fantasy Still Life 
Let’s  practice really seeing what we're looking at instead of drawing what we  only THINK we see, and then try our new skill with drawing from nature.  Then we’ll use our imaginations to paint over the drawing, using  whatever colors and patterns we like the best. Art History slides  including Cezanne, Picasso, and contemporary artists will be shown, the  wilder the better!!

April 1 ART meets Science: Frog and  Toad
: What are the differences and similarities between a frog and a  toad? Learn scientific characteristics and identify body parts, and  construct a habitat for our four legged friends. We will continue learn  to expand on hand-building techniques and explore texture as decoration.  Clay will be completed and glazed in this lesson. Fired work will be  ready for collection one week later. 

April 8  Renaissance Italian Frescoes
Frescoes  are based on the spontaneity and permanence that painting on plaster  offers. We'll look at some historic patterns and subjects, and then  create mini-murals of our own.

April 15 Family Day! Zentangle
The  Zentangle method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create  beautiful abstract images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone  can use it to create art (yes, even you can create art). It increases  focus and creativity and provides artistic satisfaction along with an  increased sense of personal well being.

Art After School | Semiprivate Art Lessons + Independent Study/Building A Portfolio. Mondays | 5:00 - 6:30PM | $25 with Wendy Marble
For the student who is serious about learning to draw, paint and sculpt, we offer semiprivate lessons in the basic fundamentals of art and design. Projects are based on both classic and contemporary techniques to improve creative skills and higher-order thinking and problem-solving. This is also a great opportunity to create a working sketchbook and/or perfect a portfolio for high school, college, internships and future careers. We’ll be looking at the principles of presenting and documenting artwork that go beyond squinting  at one’s cell phone. Also included: the pleasure of making things that  are personal, beautiful, or just plain fun. “Independent Study” or  individual project guidance is available; a brief  conference with student and parents and “mission statement” commitment  pledge is suggested. Please contact Wendy to see if your child would be a  good fit for this program.

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PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Wendy Marble: Artist's Bio
Wendy Marble was a self-taught graphic designer and calligrapher for decades until graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2008. She enjoys working in, and especially combining, many media to satisfy whatever the  visual concept requires. Her specialty is in fine art printmaking, an art form that combines drawing and painting  skills with intensive, exacting machine process. Living in various countries overseas for fourteen years, dwelling near or visiting the great art and architecture centers of Europe and the Middle East, nourished Wendy's passion for art history. However, her heart is dedicated to the students and artists of all ages who find their way to the PAC.

PAC Homeschool Teacher :: Gretchen Leclezio: Artist's Bio 
Gretchen  Leclezio, owner of the PAC, has been playing with clay for the last 10 years. Gretchen studied and taught decorative glazing and hand-building classes in Cape Town, South Africa. Gretchen has her teaching certification with a specialization in learning disabilities. Gretchen's passion for art, education, her family and community have been the inspiration for starting the Palmetto Art Center.