In this workshop, we will explore three different meditation techniques. First, we will go through a mindful meditation for Relaxation – a wonderful tool for anyone who needs to reduce stress and anxiety from their lives or who simply wants to invite in greater peace. 

Next, we will explore a guided Restoration meditation. In this meditation we will set specific intentions for self-healing (physical, mental or emotional) and go deeper into a relaxation meditation to free up stagnant energy in the body and create the space for your body’s natural immune system to function at a more optimal level. While not designed to replace treatment from a licensed medical professional, it may complement your existing practices. 

Last, we will explore the problem-solving aspects of meditation through a Realization meditation. In this meditation, practitioners are invited to think of a challenge in their life and then create space for answers to manifest for them through meditation. This meditation works under the premise that we have the answers inside of us if we can quiet are minds long enough and listen. THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONERS. 

What to Expect: Chairs are available for all attendees. Students are also welcome to bring yoga mats, blankets, bolsters or meditation benches should they prefer to lie or sit on the floor. A limited number of yoga mats and blankets are available at PAC. Please wear comfortable clothes as there will be light stretching and movement between each meditation. 

What to Bring: Please bring a notepad and pen. There will be time to journal about each experience. Cost: $18 early registration (Deadline, Tuesday, July 9, 2019) or $25 at the door (cash or check accepted). Early Registration Link: Cancellation policy: 24-hours notice required for a refund on early registration. Cancellations or no shows with less than 24-hours notice are non-refundable. 

Need more info? Contact Danielle: (305) 791 - 6378