The Wandering Meditation Workshop

Meditations for people who can’t sit still or shut their minds off. 

In this workshop, we will explore three different meditation techniques. First, we will go through a Sensory open-monitoring meditation – a great tool for becoming more aware of our internal thoughts and feelings and external sensations. Next, we will try an active and intentional Walking Meditation. Last, we will close with a Mindful Meditation … all with the purpose of promoting greater relaxation, reducing stress, developing better focus, enhancing emotional wellbeing and creating a healthier body, mind and spirit. THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONERS. 

What to Expect: Chairs are available for all attendees. Students are also welcome to bring yoga mats, blankets, bolsters or meditation benches should they prefer to lie or sit on the floor. A limited number of yoga mats and blankets are available at PAC. Please wear comfortable shoes for the walking meditation. 

What to Bring: Please bring a notepad and pen. There will be time to journal about each experience. Cost: $18 early registration and pre-pay (Deadline, Thursday, Oct.17, 2019) or $25 at the door (cash or check accepted). 

Early Registration Link: 

Cancellation policy: 24-hours notice required for a refund on early registration. Cancellations or no shows with less than 24-hours notice are non-refundable. 

Need more info? Contact Danielle: (305) 791 - 6378