R ealize your truth

E xperience self-love

S trengthen your soul

T rust yourself

REST is a meditative force of love.

Surrender into what is real within you. Meet the noise inside and listen. Be fearless and unlock the hidden. breathe deep. relax. Drift deeper and let the warmth of your soul illuminate what you need to see. Stay gentle. Use your breath to open the spaces that are tight. Forgive. Release judgement. Let light flow in and allow your truth to find you. Allow your soul to guide you into resolve. Give up the chaos and give into peace. Breathe deeper. Exhale and let go again. Choose clarity. Allow the alchemy of your true self to emerge and create beauty inside. Slow down and release all outcomes. Trust that only what you need to evolve into more love can exist. Surrender and experience the stillness of self-love. It is that stillness that will create the momentum to move you forward on your path.

Join Ria Ray on Friday, February 28 at the Palmetto Art Center for a transformative REST meditation. Ria Ray will lead you into self-love with a blend of breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation. She, will teach you how to let go, self-heal and live life as your authentic self.

Ria Ray

Ria Ray is an artist, creator and spiritual teacher. Her life took a defining turn when she was in her late twenties and a horrible accident took the lives of her immediate family. Her need to make sense of this tragedy propelled her to look within and try and make sense of the world and understand the meaning of life. What came to mind while working through her grief was a determination to embrace life and love, which at the time seemed rather irrational. It was an automatic reaction, one she didn’t truly understand in the beginning. As she started to emerge, she found solace in sharing her healing, which lead to teaching, and as her expression and courage grew, she began to paint. It became a way to connect deeper into some unspoken needs, and visually demonstrate a permanent message of her ability to undercover herself past the pain. 

At the start, the art expressed her dreams and her innermost need for a life that is grounded and not attached to preconceived perceptions. Her resilience and overwhelming optimism drew people to her. Like a force of nature, her wisdom and strength became a platform for her teachings, encouraging others to embrace resilience in face of unsurmountable obstacles, teaching the ability to feel strong and alive despite the challenges of everyday life.

Ria is fully committed to continuing to push her own boundaries, past her internal limits, so she can feel and experience more of herself. Her drive strengthens her ability to serve the consciousness of humanity in the most expansive way possible and it is contagious to be uplifted by this energy. From workshops where she guides people to learn to be fearless and embrace uncertainty, she moves people to own the beacon that shines within, to bypass the judgment and pain on their road to discovery.

Learning and expanding beyond one’s own understanding of oneself is all part of her backbone, as love and being at peace within has ignited people when they are around her. Ria is a spark, a lighter, a wrangler of what is inside us all. She speaks a truth that is simple, practical and mastered through living while letting go. It is measured, like a high or a good laugh, that releases old ideas as a renewed sense of happiness opens a path on to what is possible. She impacts you, unlocks you, and helps you see order in the chaos. Ria is a mother, a wife, a fulltime artist, a healer, a teacher and an author. All these roles coalesce and continue to expand to help her bring forth her magic, and the world is better for it.