Ria Ray | Opening Feb 21st 5 - 9PM

I see you. do you see me?

On Friday evening, February 21st, from 5 - 9PM, PAC invites the public to come view,  I see you. do you see me?  Join us for an invitation to incite your consciousness, an invitation into  a visitation of your soul. 

Ria Ray is a collected painter with an international following. Her technique and journey have been an interesting one as she is self-taught, emerging out of a need to express her soul and a way to share more of her work as a healer and teacher. Her art provokes a closer look, beckoning slowly, as each layer reveals new insights, a code unraveled that was hidden deep within the recesses of Ria’s heart and soul. These hidden stories, mysteries to be discovered, grow more profound with each viewing. Are you sure of what you see, maybe not, but viewing the paintings invite you to look inside yourself, triggering contemplation, and encouraging you to explore your own existence.  Looking deeper evokes a mirrored expression, drawing you in to expose your own journey as it opens like a flower to greater depths. It’s a beautiful charged experience of infinite reinvention.

Ria's paintings will accompany a sound art experience in PAC's adjoining west gallery. Dive into the unknown within. let go, listen and and incite your true self to connect with your unconscious self. dive deeper and allow the moment to become a portal into reinvention.  Ria uses spoken work to invite the listener to yield into a soulful catharsis - into the dreamscape within, into the hidden truths willing to transmute into creative power.   

As a healer and a teacher, Ria uses her tremendous compassion and clarity to help you achieve greater awareness, surmount obstacles, and love yourself more deeply so you can live your most meaningful life. Ria will be at the Palmetto Art Center on Friday, February 28th, from 6:30 - 7:30PM, for a transformative REST meditation. Ria Ray will lead you into self-love with a blend of breathing, energy work, visualization and meditation. She, will teach you how to let go, self-heal and live life as your authentic self. 

“My hope is that the viewer will allow the work to open up and speak to the whisper within and allow that whisper to grow and inspire a new way of being alive. a way to master the inner power of the soul and use it with the grace it most deserves.”

Born in Trinidad and Tobago of Indian descent, Ria's family emigrated to the U.S. when she was six. She grew up in the Washington D.C. area.When Ria was twenty-seven working in the fashion industry in New York, tragedy struck: her entire immediate family-her father, mother, sister, brother and uncle-died in their home of carbon monoxide poisoning.“Truth is not a theory or philosophy, nor does it arrive from the intellect. Truth is an individual experience that evolves with time and involves participation within.”


PAC is located in historic downtown Palmetto at 907 5th Street West. For more information contact Gretchen (941) 518-2109. Free admission, family friendly.