Aerial + Pilates WOrkshop

Pilates Circuit


 Pilates Circuit is a series of 16 workout stations using 16 different pieces of Pilates equipment.  Including the reformer, chair, barrel, spine corrector, TRX, and BOSU.  We will go through the circuit three times for a great full body workout.  Each station will be equipped with a photo and description of the exercise so no worries on having to memorize what comes next.  Come experience some of the larger Pilates equipment and apparatus not usually used in our group classes. 

Saturday October 26th

11:00AM -12:15PM | $20. 


or call/text  (941) 527-9847 to register.

Aerial Yoga


 Come fly with us! Yoga asanas or poses are practiced in, around and supported by a fabric hammock similar to the ones you might see an acrobat dance in at the circus.  Using the hammock one can experience unique inversions, wonderful opening support in some pose, and some new challenges in others.  Private workshops can be booked for groups eight to twelve or view current schedule below.   

Saturday October 12th

11:30AM-12:45PM | $20

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so register early!


or call/text  (941) 527-9847 to register.

Meditation Workshop


The Wandering Meditation Workshop

Meditations for people who can’t sit still or shut their minds off.  In this workshop, we will explore three different meditation techniques. First, we will go through a Sensory open-monitoring meditation – a great tool for becoming more aware of our internal thoughts and feelings and external sensations. Next, we will try an active and intentional Walking Meditation. Last, we will close with a Mindful Meditation … all with the purpose of promoting greater relaxation, reducing stress, developing better focus, enhancing emotional wellbeing and creating a healthier body.

Click here for complete workshop details.