Workshops WIth LaRae


FRIDAY | APRIL 5TH | 4:30 - 5:45PM | $20

Use blocks, blankets, bolsters, sandbags, and straps to create restful and replenishing yoga poses meant to restore the body. Come relax and renew in this workshop.

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SATURDAY | APRIL 6TH | 11:30AM - 12:45PM | $20

Aerial yoga is a unique class blending yoga and aerial work. Yoga asanas or poses are practiced in, around and supported by a fabric hammock similar to the ones you

might see an acrobat dance in at the circus. Using the hammock one can experience unique inversions, wonderful opening support in some pose, and some new

challenges in others.  

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SATURDAY | APRIL 13TH | 11:00AM - NOON | $15

Buff Bones workshop uniquely help those with bone and joint concerns, including issues like osteoporosis, arthritis and general back + neck pain. But the workouts can benefit anyone! Those looking to tone up, enhance posture, improve balance,  and gain strength in general will also benefit. 

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SATURDAY | April 13th | 11:00 - 12:15PM | $20

Pilates circuit is a series of 12 workout stations using 12 different pieces of Pilates equipment. First part of class will go over each station and review the exercise then we get moving! Come experience some of the larger Pilates equipment and apparatus not usually used in our group classes.uff Bones® is a medically endorsed, full body workout for bone strengthening and balance.  It integrates Pilates, Strength training, functional movement, and rehabilitation exercise to improve the health and longevity of your bones and joints.  It adapts to varying levels and is safe for those with osteoporosis.  Buff Bones® classes are also great for anyone with arthritis, back pain, and those looking to strengthen their core with out any spinal flexion (crunches). Great as preventative exercise to strengthen bones and support joints.  Is similar to a traditional mat class but created specifically to support bone Heath and be safe for those with low back pain, osteoporosis and osteopenia. 

RSVP with LaRae (941) 527 - 9847